Super Yelper Turkey Calls: Specializing in hand-crafted wooden friction calls since 1979.



"Your Yelper is the sweetest call I have heard. My hunting partner called it the Stradivarius hen yelper."

James Grassinger
Duluth, MN

"In the last two years, I have been blessed to have used your calls to call in a big tom for my wife (23 pounds, 11.5 inch beard, and 1.5 inch spurs) and a jake for my 71 year old father's first turkey..."

Dean W. Hughes
Anchorage, AK

"I've been hunting for 23 years and not till I purchased your Pro-Automatic turkey call was I able to call turkeys with confidence."

Gerald D. Mowery
Mifflinburg, PA

"I was able to produce excellent yelps, cackles, purrs, clucks and cutting with little effort. Most friction calls are bulky, but your scratch box gave me that option to throw something different into the game."

Clifford T. Burgess, Jr.
Fairfax, VA

"The Super Yelper has the most realistic sound of any call I've ever used."

Vick Barrios
Tallahasse, FL