Super Yelper Turkey Calls: Specializing in hand-crafted wooden friction calls since 1979.

Super Yelper Call Care

  • Be sure and keep this box chalked (use wax free chalk.) After much use the lip of the box and striker may require a very light sanding, use a fine sanding paper. To sand call place sandpaper on block of wood. To sand lip of box, sand lip at 90 Degree angle across the grain with 120 grit sandpaper, be careful not to apply much pressure as lip may break. To sand striker, sand with 80 grit across the grain and not length wise. If you sand the wrong way your box and striker will not hold chalk very long.
  • Your call should be carried in a plastic case or a plastic bag.. Carrying your call this way protects it from dirt & grime, plus protects the chalk from being worn off of the striker. When the bag is worn out, I suggest carrying the caller in a self sealing plastic bag.
  • Keep this box dry! If used in excessive dampness, the box may draw moisture.
  • If you should break the lip of your caller, I can repair the call for $12.00, postage paid.
  • Additional chalk sells and plastic storage cases are available.
  • Don't hide too well when calling turkeys. An overeager hunter may mistake your calling for that of a real bird.