Super Yelper Turkey Calls: Specializing in hand-crafted wooden friction calls since 1979.

Super Yelper Turkey Calls

Richard Shively

Richard Shively is the founder of Super Yelper Turkey Calls. A life long hunter, he founded the Virginia Turkey Federation in 1975 and has recieved numerous awards for his beautiful, hand crafted scratch box calls.

Some hunters even say that it's the only call they'll use.

The story goes that while on a hunting trip to Alabama in 1976, Richard saw a scratch box call for sale. Instead of buying it, he went home and made his own. Three years later, he started to make more by hand and eventually began selling around 1000 calls a month.

Today, each Super Yelper is still hand made and tuned to Richard's own ear.

While it might be tempting to diversify and offer a wide array of hunting gear, Super Yelper has chosen to concentrate on one thing; building the best scratch box call there is and keep it simple, handmade, and beautifully crafted.

Richard Shively


Grand National Champion Call Maker
Working Turkey Call
National Wild Turkey Federation
Columbus, Ohio
February 21, 2004

Grand National Champion
Best of Class V
Jeremiah Stevens Award
National Wild Turkey Federation
Nashville, TN
February 23, 2006

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